Vendor Request Form
Instructions Complete the form below to submit a new vendor request to Monroe County Purchasing. If approved, the user accounts requested below will be able to login to ContrackHQ to view and manage contracts between the county and vendor.
Type of Request (New/Delete/Update Vendor/Users)
Request Type

Vendor Information
Vendor Name: *
Contact Email: *
Primary email for vendor. When this request is approved, a confirmation email will be sent to this email address. This address will also receive various communications throughout the contract process.
Add Add User Account
Add any users who will need to approve/sign contracts, upload insurance documents, report performance measures, or for any other reason need access to online contracts.
Additional Notes/Contract Info
Enter the name of the county department you will be contracting with.
Notes will be read by purchasing prior to updating vendor records and user accounts. If you know the name of your contract with the county, also specify it here.
If you choose "Finish Later - Save as Draft" an email will be sent to the "Contact Email" containing a link that will let you resume filling out this form. After clicking "Submit Vendor Request" this request will no longer be editable and will be submitted to Monroe County Purchasing for approval.