Monroe County
Electronic Submission Notice

Monroe County encourages the electronic submission of contracts and all associated documents as this method expedites the process, reduces the amount of paper materials involved in the contract management process, and minimizes the possibility of clerical errors.

By submitting a contract and related documents electronically through the Monroe County Contract Management System (ContrackHQ), it is unnecessary to forward any materials to the office of Purchasing and Central Services. However, by submitting electronically, the applicant agrees that:

  • The application is made with the full knowledge and consent of the official authorized to enter into contracts on behalf of the municipality or agency (vendor).
  • Upon receiving a contract electronically, the vendor shall comply with all applicable federal, state, and local statutes, rules and regulations.
  • The contract will be developed based upon the information gathered in the contract building process and contained within the final contract. The fully executed contract and related documents are the only documents binding on the parties.
  • The resultant contract shall be made available to the public and searchable online in a digital format.

Before any contract is entered into by a municipality or agency (vendor), the authorized signing official should read and agree to abide by provisions of the following documents, which become a part of resulting contracts.

It is important to note that Monroe County may suspend funding, in whole or in part, terminate funding for, or impose another sanction on a vendor if it appears that the electronic submission of a contract or related documents did not comply with the requirements. Monroe County Purchasing and Central Services strongly recommends that the vendor thoroughly review pertinent documents, ensure the review of the documents and signed approval by the authorized signing official, and retain the documents for future reference.