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The following results are bids as presented at the bid opening and do not represent an award.

# Title and Info Download Result
BP#0203-20 Jail Main Frame Pump Station Improvements Project ssht0203-20.pdf
BP#0207-20 Furnish & Install Sidewalk Curb Ramps ssht0207-20.pdf
BP#0306-19 Furnish and Install Large Format Printer/Cutter ssht0306-19.pdf
BP#0316-20 Sodium Hydroxide, Liquid ssht0316-20.pdf
BP#0801-20 Furnish & Install Framed Detention Grade Window Screens ssht0801-20.pdf
BP#0805-20 Electromagnetic Flow Meters ssht0805-20.pdf
BP#0901-20 Pedestrian Safety Action Plan - Phase III ssht0901-20.pdf
BP#0902-20 Furnish & Install Boiler Re-Tubing at the Greater Rochester International Airport ssht0902-20.pdf
BP#0903-20 Rebuilt Transmissions & Torgue Converters ssht0903-20.pdf
BP#0904-20 Monroe Community Hospital Sidewalk Replacement ssht0904-20.pdf
BP#0905-20 Rapid HIV Test Kits & Controls ssht0905-20.pdf
BP#0906-20 Traffic Control Cabinets ssht0906-20.pdf
BP#0908-20 Dewatered Sewage Sludge Hauling ssht0908-20.pdf
BP#0909-20 Fernco PVC Pipe Fittings ssht0909-20.pdf

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