The following results are bids as presented at the bid opening and do not represent an award.

# Title and Info Download Result
BP#0405-17 Furnish: Six (6) Packaged HVAC Rooftop Units ssht0405-17.pdf
BP#0407-17 Security Exiting Lane Escalators at the Greater Rochester Int'l Airport ssht0407-17.pdf
BP#0503-17 Airfield Drainage Improvements ssht0503-17.pdf
BP#0703-17 Building Management System & Mechanical Equipment Replacement ssht0703-17.pdf
BP#0705-17 Entrance Canopy at the Greater Rochester Int'l Airport ssht0705-17 2.pdf
BP#0801-17 Hose and Couplings ssht0801-17.pdf
BP#0805-17 Case Equipment Parts ssht0805-17.pdf
BP#0806-17 Furnish LED Retrofit Kits for the Greater Rochester Int'l Airport ssht0806-17.pdf
BP#0808-17 Installation of Underground Conduit, Pull Boxes, Pedestals & Appurtenances ssht0808-17.pdf
BP#0809-17 Heavy Equipment Rental ssht0809-17.pdf
BP#0810-17 PLC Integration & Construction Services ssht0810-17.pdf
BP#0811-17 Paging Hardware ssht0811-17.pdf
BP#0812-17 Scuba Boat and Trailer ssht0812-17.pdf
BP#0813-17 Entrance Canopy General Construction Re-bid for the Greater Rochester Int'l Airport ssht0813-17.pdf
BP#0814-17 Bomb Suit ssht0814-17.pdf
BP#0816-17 Quest Software Licenses ssht0816-17.pdf
BP#0817-17 Migration to Microsoft Exchange ssht0817-17.pdf
BP0707-17 New Network Infrastructure at the Greater Rochester Int'l Airport ssht0707-17.pdf
BP0803-17 Hilton Brockport Interceptor - West Creek Crossing Improvements ssht0803-17.pdf

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