The following results are bids as presented at the bid opening and do not represent an award.

# Title and Info Download Result
BP#0405-17 Furnish: Six (6) Packaged HVAC Rooftop Units ssht0405-17.pdf
BP#0407-17 Security Exiting Lane Escalators at the Greater Rochester Int'l Airport ssht0407-17.pdf
BP#0503-17 Airfield Drainage Improvements ssht0503-17.pdf
BP#0703-17 Building Management System & Mechanical Equipment Replacement ssht0703-17.pdf
BP#0902-17 Monroe Community College Building 2 Renovation - Phase 1 Project ssht0902-17.pdf
BP#0908-17 Food Court Renovations at the Greater Rochester Int'l Airport - Bid Package B ssht0908-17.pdf
BP#0909-17 Hearing Loops System at the Greater Rochester Int'l Airport ssht0909-17.pdf
BP#0911-17 Small and Medium Equipment Rental ssht0911-17.pdf
BP#1001-17 Monroe County Fleet Center Improvements Phase 2 ssht1001-17.pdf
BP#1004-17 DNA Validation ssht1004-17.pdf
BP#1005-17 Track Star Map Licenses ssht1005-17.pdf
BP#1006-17 Asbestos Remediation Term Construction Contract (TCC#8) ssht100617.pdf
BP#1007-17 Rehabilitation of Ireland Road Culvert over tributary to Salmon Creek ssht1007-17.pdf
BP#1008-17 Polymer Feed System ssht1008-17.pdf
BP#1009-17 Tram Power Units & Trailer Modules ssht1009-17.pdf
BP#1010-17 Inductive Loop Detector Card and Detector Power Supply ssht1010-17.pdf
BP#1011-17 Traffic Sign Posts(Green Channel) ssht1011-17.pdf
BP#1012-17 SAP Hana Software ssht1012-17.pdf
BP#1013-17 Demonstrator Elgin Crosswind Duel Glycol Recovery Sweeper ssht1013-17.pdf
BP#1105-17 Furnish & Install a Precast Concrete Bldg. at the NWQ WWTP Sampling Station ssht1105-17.pdf
BP#1106-17 Wireless Digital X-Ray Equipment for Zoo Animal Medicine ssht1106-17.pdf

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