The following results are bids as presented at the bid opening and do not represent an award.

# Title and Info Download Result
BP#0510-18 Carhartt Workwear ssht0510-18.pdf
BP#0614-18 Monroe County Public Safety Communication Facilities Improvements ssht0614-18.pdf
BP#0615-18 Sewer Cleaner Truck Cab & Chassis ssht0615-18.pdf
BP#0619-18 Snowplowing Service for Regional Traffic Operations Center, MC Fuel Stations & Public Safety Training Facility ssht0619-18.pdf
BP#0621-18 Sprinkler Inspection, Testing & Maintenance ssht0621-18 corrected.pdf
BP#0622-18 Office Furniture ssht0622-18.pdf
BP#0702-18 Street Light Poles, Arms and Bases ssht0702-18.pdf
BP#0703-18 Jail Sub-Day Rooms ssht0703-18.pdf
BP#0704-18 General Purpose Batteries ssht0704-18.pdf
BP#1103-17 Concourse Technology & Amenities Enhancements - Bid Package C ssht1103-17.pdf
BP#1113-17 Airport Access Road Bridge Improvements ssht1113-17.pdf

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