The following results are bids as presented at the bid opening and do not represent an award.

# Title and Info Download Result
BP#0805-18 Frank E. Vanlare (FEV) Water Resource Recovery Facility Chemically Enhanced Primary Treatment (CEPT) Improvements ssht0805-18.pdf
BP#0806-18 Supply and Install Reconditioned Passenger Loading Bridges (PLB) ssht0806-18.pdf
BP#0808-18 Snowplowing Services (ROTC & PSTF) ssht0808-18.pdf
BP#0902-18 DWI Mobile Processing Vehicle ssht0902-18.pdf
BP#0903-18 Ivanti Patch Management Software ssht0903-18.pdf
BP#0904-18 Forcepoint Software Renewal and Support ssht0904-18.pdf
BP#0905-18 ZIX Mail Encryption Software and Support ssht0905-18.pdf
BP#0906-18 Furnish & Install UPS Batteries ssht0906-18.pdf
BP#0908-18 Frozen Rodents, Chicks, Rabbits & Quail ssht0908-18.pdf
BP#0910-18 Track Star License Renewal and Support ssht0910-18.pdf
BP#1007-18 Tennant Floor Scrubber ssht1007-18.pdf

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