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The following results are bids as presented at the bid opening and do not represent an award.

# Title and Info Download Result
BP#0203-20 Jail Main Frame Pump Station Improvements Project ssht0203-20.pdf
BP#0306-19 Furnish and Install Large Format Printer/Cutter ssht0306-19.pdf
BP#0316-20 Sodium Hydroxide, Liquid ssht0316-20.pdf
BP#0515-21 Furnish & Install Small Piece Folder and Industrial Dryer at Monroe County Hospital ssht0515-21.pdf
BP#0604-21 Irondequoit Bay Pump Station Garage Roof Improvements ssht0604-21.pdf
BP#0606-21 Frank E. Van Lare Water Resource Recovery Facility Aeration System Improvements Poject - Phase B ssht0606-21.pdf
BP#0608-21 Installation of Square D 7320 Pad-Mounted Transformer ssht0608-21.pdf
BP#0610-21 3M Stone Floor System ssht0610-21.pdf
BP#0611-21 Furnish & Install UPS Batteries ssht0611-21.pdf
BP#0613-21 Furnish and Install AV System ssht0613-21.pdf
BP#0615-21 4X4 All Wheel Drive Dual Engine Cab Fwd Chassis w/ Rotary Power Broom ssht0615-21.pdf
BP#0616-21 Line Striping Equipment ssht0616-21.pdf
BP#0617-21 Rebuild Fairbanks Morse Pump ssht0617-21.pdf
BP#0701-21 Furnish Two (2) Air Turnover Units ssht0701-21.pdf
BP#0703-21 Mower, Tractor and Landscape Equipment Parts - Alamo/Jacobsen/John Deere ssht0703-21.pdf
BP#0704-21 Furnish and Install Bull Gear Replacement for One (1) Airport Escalator ssht0704-21.pdf
BP#0705-21 Furnish One (1) Upright Double Wall Chemical Storage Tank ssht0705-21.pdf

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