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RFPs (Request for Proposals)

If there are any questions regarding Monroe County RFP's, please contact Monroe County Purchasing and Central Services at 585 753-1100 or by fax at 585-753-1104.

# Title and Info Opening Date
RFP#0002-20 RFP-Intensive Youth Services for Monroe County Department of Human Services
RFP Coordinator: Leslie Buck, Addendum#1 posted 3/18/20
4/3/20 05:00PM
RFP#0003-20 RFP-Life Skills Training for the Juvenile Detention Center
RFP Coordinator: Walter Webert, Addendum #1 posted 3/19/20
4/3/20 05:00PM
RFP#0004-20 RFP-Home Delivery Meals for the Elderly Program
RFP Coordinator: Kim Boedicker, Addendum#1 posted 3/20/20
4/3/20 05:00PM
RFP#0005-20 Expression of Interest (EOI) Solicitation for 2020 & 2021 Projects
EOI Coordinator: Leslie Buck,
Revised 3/17/20
4/10/20 05:00PM
RFP#0006-20 RFP-Tenant Accountability Training for Temporary Assistance Recipients
RFP Coordinator: Walter Webert, Addendum #1 posted 3/19/20.
4/10/20 05:00PM
RFP#0007-20 RFP-Lease of Airport Property
RFP Coordinator: Stephanie Lucania,
Addendum #1 Posted 3/19/20.
4/27/20 05:00PM
RFP#0008-20 RFP-Occupational Medical Services for Monroe County Sheriff's Department
RFP Coordinator: Leslie Buck, Addendum#1 posted 3/18/20. Addendum #2 posted 3/19/20
4/10/20 05:00PM
RFP#0009-20 RFP-Primary Intervention Program
RFP Coordinator: Leslie Buck,
Addendum #1 Posted 3/30/20
4/17/20 05:00PM
RFP#0010-20 RFP-Climate Action Plan
RFP Coordinator: Leslie Buck,
4/17/20 05:00PM
RFP#0011-20 RFQ-Nutrition and Breastfeeding Counseling Services for Women and Children
RFQ Coordinator: Kim Boedicker,
4/17/20 05:00PM
RFP#0012-20 RFP-Information & Assistance, Caregivers Svcs, Pub Educ, Outreach for Off of Aging
RFP Coordinator: Kim Boedicker -
5/1/20 05:00PM

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